Advalytix AG


Advalytix AG (Munich) was founded in 2000. 
Wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Life and Material Science Europa GmbH since 2005. 
Advalytix is the world wide centre of expertise for cell-based molecular diagnostics. 
One of the company’s main focuses is the miniaturisation of diagnostic and biological tests for research and development.

Advalytix’ products link imaging technologies such as microscopy with nucleic acid analysis, enabling Advalytix to offer turnkey system solutions consisting of both instruments and reagents. Advalytix has developed a portfolio of products for these applications, based on proprietary microelectronics technologies, such as surface acoustic waves (SAW).

Nov 2000: Company founded in Munich

March 2003: Introduced hybridization station ArrayBoosterTM featuring non-invasive mixing to accelarate the incubation of DNA and protein microarrays

Aug 2004: Opened US office in Concord, Mass.

Sept 2004: Introduced the AdvaWashTM automated wash system for DNA microarray and FISH applications

Nov 2004: Signed a licence agreement on non-invasive mixing with Olympus Life and Materials Science Europa GmbH

Mar 2005: Olympus Life and Materials Science Europa GmbH acquires 100% of the Advalytix shares

Jan 2006: Introduced 1 µL PCR platform AmpliGridTM designed for the amplification of DNA from single cells

Jan 2007: Introduced the PlateBoosterTM for non-invasive mixing of 96-, 384- and 1536-well microtiter plates

Apr 2007: Introduced polar body kit for the diagnosis of chromosomal aberrations

Summer 2007: Advalytix moves to the new centre of excellence for cell based molecular diagnostics in Munich/Grosshadern